The J&K Underground Public Utilities (Acquisition of Rights of User in Land) Act, 2014
     An Act to provide for the acquisition of the right of user in land for laying of gas pipelines and other public utilities in the State of J&K and for the matters connected therewith.
The J&K Kahcharai Act, 2011
    An Act to make better provision for and to consolidate and amend the Law relating to Kahcharai and other matters connected therewith.
The J&K Specified Wakafs and Specified Wakaf Properties (Management and Regulations) Act, 2004
     An Act to provide for the proper control, efficient management and regulation of the Specified Wakafs, and for the proper protection, preservation and use of the Specified Wakaf Properties, and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.
The J&K State Lands (Vesting of Ownership to the Occupants) Act, 2001 (Roshni Act)
     An Act to provide for vesting of ownership rights to occupants of State Land for purposes of generating funds to finance Power Projects in the State.
The J&K Land Revenue Act, 1996
     An Act to amend, consolidate and re-enact the Jammu and Kashmir Land Revenue Regulation No.1 of 1980.
The J&K Lambardari Act, 1972
     An Act to amend and consolidate the law relating to payment of remuneration of Lambardars for recovery of public demands.
The J&K Land Grants Act, 1960
     An Act to provide for grant of lands by Government.